'Cosy Sun Soaked Afternoon'

Limited edition 7x5 (postcard size) fine art print 1 of 50

PLEASE NOTE: The frame shown in photos is a mock-up reference only - this print will not come framed.


The original painting was part of my series which examined removing the stigma of physical scars by examining and emphasising the formations on the skin to encourage viewers to appreciate the unusual aesthetic and challenge visual traditions and taboos of the body of the individual in relationship with social bodies. To positively emphasise the unique formation, I focused on using the desert as a metaphor to emulate and evoke the sublimity of scars, thus elevating the perception from its negative status to a form of positive abjectivity. This painting contains the subtle use of "scar printing" where I applied paint on my scars and printed onto the background surface of this painting.

Lightly Attached - 7x 5 Limited Edition Print